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Our fee is $1,300 + GST per annum. It's how Property Management should be.

We know it can be difficult to find the right Property Manager to manage your Investment Property. After all, most people will only have one Investment Property and you want that to be looked after by professionals for a good price. There are quite a few agencies out there and you want to make the right decision based on quality and value for money.

The Landlords are here for you. We provide all services such as rent collection, managing rent arrears, credit and reference checks for new tenants, repairs and everything else that is involved in managing your Investment Property.

The main difference is that we do it for a price that reflects the work that is required. Our price is not related to your rental income. Our price is fixed.

An Investment Property is one of the main New Zealand ways to secure an income for when you are retired. Our philosophy is that a New Zealand company should not take advantage of this, but provide a service to the Kiwi way of living.

By providing Property Management for a fixed price you are guaranteed of your Investment Property being managed by qualified professionals and, if you re-invest your savings, be mortgage-free earlier than you expected.

Our Services 

Our Services include the following:

  • Rent Collection and Management of arrears

  • Collecting, lodging and Management of Bonds

  • Credit and Reference Checks for new tenants

  • Bi-Annual Property Inspections

  • Payment of Council Rates

  • Management of repairs and maintenance

  • Advising on rental appraisals and rental yield

  • Management of complying with the Residential Tenancies Act

  • Maintaining accurate records for your rental property

How It Works

We collect the rent for you and you get paid every 4-week period. We have a dedicated team that pro-actively contacts tenants to manage rent arrears and we keep you informed of any (potential) issues at all times.


We are in regular contact with you around new regulations in the Residential Tenancies Act and how to comply with these. This is essential for being in control of your Investment Property and ensuring you comply with the law. 

Property Management is a time consuming, professional job that takes care of your most valuable retirement investment. We take care of that. Have a look here and see what we do for you.

Transfer to us

It's easy to transfer your existing Rental Property to us from another agency.

Once you have signed the Management Authority, we'll take care of the rest without any additional hassle for you. Because we are New Zealanders and keep things simple and convenient. 

Our Price

Our fee is $1,300 + GST per annum.


We do not charge letting fees.

Other services such as advertising your property, photography or additional inspections are separate. Please note that we do not accept any (potential) rebates from any of the tradespeople we recommend. We recommend them based on what quality they can provide for you.

COVID-19 (Corona Virus) update

The current COVID-19 regulations have an impact on tenancies and landlords. If you have questions around this, please contact us if we haven't contacted you already. More information can be found here as well.

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